How a Party Is Different Than Therapy

Laughing Coyote aims to be of service to the community by occasionally posting useful existential tips. This post’s “advice about living,” comes to us from Dr. Crabby Ass, Chair of the Psychology Department at the University of WTF.

This week’s public service announcement has to do with parties, and may, or may not, apply more to women, than men. There is a total attempt here at gender bias.

How a Party Is Different Than Therapy

party women









Party: drink while you are there

Therapy: drinking during the session is usually discouraged.

(In fact the drinking may occur at some point before the session and may be why you are  there)










Party: talking to people lightly as if nothing matters, especially not the shit that really matters

Therapy: saying all the horrible crap in your life that you can, as thoroughly as you can, so you don’t have to do it while you are at the party



Party: you do not pay anyone there to listen to you

Therapy: if you don’t pay the person, they won’t listen to you

Party: if you are paying the person you are with at the party it’s called prostitution, but don’t think most of us haven’t thought of it


Party: bitterness, anger and too many details are not attractive.

Therapy: Where’s the drama?



Party: stories about unmitigated unhappiness should be kept to five minutes or less

Therapy: anything less than five minutes is denial.


Party: if there are more than two people in the room with you it’s probably a party


Party: If you are lying down on the couch, people will think you are too drunk to stand up.

Therapy: If you are laying down on the couch at this point in history, you are paying too much money!


If you have more tips on how a party is different than therapy, feel free to post them herei! Dr. Crabby Ass appreciates the help while the Laughing Coyote is off chasing her tail, hoping that this time, it will  work out.


Best regards,



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2 thoughts on “How a Party Is Different Than Therapy

  1. Dave

    Funny. I had some interesting personal subconscious dreams recently. They’re funny too, in their own way. the subconscious is funny. In an email from you, you wrote, “Stupid seems to be the new Smart.” I laughed out loud.

  2. Yeah, dreams can be extremely funny. They can make puns and all kinds of stuff. I dreamed about a bar that had tables set a little way down into canals of water and alligators were swimming around right near everyone’s feet! Everyone acted normal. Have NO idea what it means, not yet. Watching all the political narratives here, yeah, stupid is “in.” I’m terrified!

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