Will Laughing Coyote Post Again?

The short answer is YES!

Laughing Coyote has been noticing an increased interest in her site….THANK YOU FOLKS! Being tracked, excuse me, being FOLLOWED, internet style, is a fun gig.

But LC hasn’t posted anything since 2014! Dear God, Ye Gads…..has something happened? Did Laughing Coyote lose her pen? Did she suddenly notice the world wasn’t that funny after all and start a new blog called EVERYTHING SUCKS? Did she discover she has no talent for cooking and subsequently been spending her time doing a photo shoot for the print journal YUCK?  Is she stuck between the couch cushions waiting for someone to come over and extricate her while she munches on old peanut brittle and popcorn bits? WTF has happened to LC? WILL SHE POST AGAIN?

Well, during the holidays the Laughing Coyote decided to clean her house and had a terrible accident with the vacuum involving one of her appendages, some whiskers, half of one ear, a sandwich, a merry-go-round and her tail, not to mention what was left of her pride. Instead of just focusing on one task at a time, like the Buddists suggest, Laughing Coyote  let herself get distracted by a Looney Tunes marathon that featured the Road Runner, Instant Hole and a bathtub full of water, and well….let’s just say the word “ugly” doesn’t cover it.

Laughing Coyote was finally rescued by a pair of a cats and a bighorn sheep–don’t ask me what any of them were doing in the house, let alone together, or why they would want to rescue a coyote to begin with, but they were compassionate and helpful. LC then spent some valuable time recuperating, which included learning how to type with the other paw, how not to binge watch Roadrunner on Netflix, as well as being forbidden to ever go near a vacuum again.

If you see Laughing Coyote near a vacuum, even if she’s just talking to it, you should report it to anyone close by wearing a uniform. They will know what to do.

Laughing Coyote says SHE WILL BLOG AGAIN and plans to do a set about the dangers of cleaning your own house within the next two weeks or so. Right now she’s doing a full color layout for the glamour print magazine “Tail,” which features talking animals who have been injured during domestic incidents of cleaning, that will function as a warning to others that the fabulous, enticing and often air brushed world of TIDYING UP is not what it looks like from the outside and should definitely be left up to the professionals. LC was offered a tidy sum to do this layout, full on furry style, and thus took a break from trying to be hilarious to do a honest days work instead.  The only caveat was that they shoot her good paw.

oh crap not shoot her good paw….damn this internet machine that can’t read my intentions….

…..photograph her good paw.

Until we meet again,

Very soon

Under the dust bunnies that have lived here so long they all went out an got an education and started families and applied for favored nation status….


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