10 Vegetables You Should Never Put in Your Vagina (Stand-Up Set)

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Video of Why the F…K Am I Writing a Novel?

Just in time for NanoWrimo! Find out what writing a novel is actually like! Before you try it yourself! Consider it a public service announcement.

To see Laughing Coyote reading the story live in front of an audience in Santa Fe (that wasn’t paid to be there) click  here

Or you can go to Facebook under Laughing Coyote Productions.

Better living through Blogging!

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Laughing Coyote well on her way to becoming Poet Lariat de Empanda de Bano do New Mexico

Breaking News  (well not exactly ‘breaking,’ more like it’s been sitting here in my TO Do list for six months I know that Spring was, well, last Spring.)

Laughing Coyote is well on her way to becoming Poet Lariat de Empanda de Bano do New Mexico, a very prestigious position, similar to being Miss America in every respect except the aspects that are the same.

Laughing Coyote has been published in Spring 2015 edition of  The Malpais Review, a print publication out of Placitas, New Mexico.

Yes this is real. When not chasing her tail, or inventing new ways to experience old problems, Laughing Coyote writes poetry like any sensible quasi-human in animal form–or was that quasi-animal in human form?–or human animal in quasi form? Check out Laughing Coyote’s alter ego in a poem featuring her best friend, deserts, cottonwoods and just enough death and love to make things interesting.


Come to OUTSPOKEN PRESENTS LGBT Anthology in Albuquerque, THIS SUNDAY OCTOBER 25, at THE SOURCE, 1111 Carlisle, Albuquerque NM from 3 to 5pm.  Hear many poets!  You will be relieved to know LC’s poem is only 3 minutes long, freeing you up to hear the many “non-Empanada de Bano,” poets, of which there are many. 🙂  They are,  well many of them anyway, are certified poets, not “certifiable,” like Laughing Coyote. Don’t tell anyone but Laughing Coyote has been writing poetry illegally for years.  Shhhh!

For those of you who like to plan ahead and not just mindlessly go to a poetry reading completely unprepared, here are some teasers.

No the poem is not funny, or not intentionally so, kind of the opposite of this blog: where often enough, what is intended as funny is just heartbreakingly sad. . . so if you need laughter, you need to bring your own this time. 🙂   (If you really need a supply of unused laughter, contact LC here, at the bottom of this blog where the “contact/comment” tab is buried under the tags. LC keeps supplies of laughter with her at all times, in case an open-mic goes seriously wrong and people start killing themselves in the audience.)

Laughing Coyote’s poem “Nevada Blue,” is on page 178 of The Malpais Review and there is nothing quite like hearing LC read her own work.  Plus. the issue features many local popular poets, both well known, sort-of-known, known by a few, and completely unknown and at least one not yet born…these editors are GOOD, let me tell you.  (The next issue may feature a poem that HAS NOT BEEN WRITTEN YET, which is just UNHEARD OF in publishing circles.)  Anyway this issue includes a mini-LGBT Anthology as well, more proof that gay folks can write and spell and rhyme just like the rest of the planet. Since I am gay every other day,  (and asexual on Sundays like the good Lord wants) I can make these kinds of statements.

The Malpais Review (and Malpais means ‘badlands’ in the spirit of desert lands) is available for purchase in the following places and also online.

The Malpais Review is available at these bookstores: The Range Cafe Store in Bernalillo, NM; Arte de Placitas Gallery in Placitas, NM; Op Cit Bookstores in Santa Fe, NM; Moby Dickens in Taos, NM; and Beyond Baroque in Los Angeles, CA; Treasure House Books (2012 S. Plaza NW) in Old Town, Albuquerque, NM; Op Cit Bookstore in Santa Fe (500 Montezuma, Sambusco Center); Gulf of Maine Bookstore in Brunswick, ME (132 Maine St.) and Anthology Books in Portland, OR. Also, by clicking the issue links on this page, The Malpais Review may be purchased through Amazon.

Support your local publications!

order online

Stay tuned for announcements about publication releases in  Santa Fe where you can here the poets LIVE. No you don’t need the Internet to see us!!!

(This is if all goes well in Albuquerque. The last time Laughing Coyote read at a poetry reading a riot broke out and arrests were made). Photo0289


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Laughing Coyote Goes Video-see me on Facebook and/or YouTube

See “WHY LOVE IS LIKE SWISS CHEESE” taped live on video.      Photo0290

You Tube

Or on Facebook under


Five minute set.

THANKS EVERYBODY!  Especially Kristin B. for shooting the video.

What I looked like after trying to upload the videos from my new iPhone.

Photo0160chasing-your-tail (1)

WHEN the gods were handing out DNA that enables people to handle technology efficiently, I apparently was asleep in a box doughnuts. To me, “upgrade” still means being able to fly first class on a plane.

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Laughing Coyote Performs a short set LIVE this weekend…Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, North America, Earth

Laughing Coyote will be performing a short set called “How Love is Like Swiss Cheese” Saturday, March 28, at The Commons common room at 2300 W Alameda , Santa Fe, NM, 87501. No cover charge.


Show will run from 7 to 9pm. There will be a string of performers all riffing on the theme of “appetites,” and I am fortunate enough to be included in the pack.

Yes, that’s a picture of my shower…apparently cropping photos is beyond the capacity of my outdated, semi-smart Samsung phone and this less than elegant, but very cheap, WordPress program. What is good is that I look the same whether I’m on stage, at the bus stop, or in front of my shower curtain. I’m amazingly consistent that way.

“How Love is Like Swiss Cheese,” is a condensation of one of my more popular posts, “People with Instructions,” that is listed both in the archives and if you just scroll down far enough on this blog.

Where my “Like,” button is, is anyone’s guess. I’ve been looking for it myself… must be down there somewhere, you know, like the famed G-Spot. Let me know if you find it….

Come out and enjoy the show! If I manage to acquire and learn how to operate an iPhone this weekend, I hope to post a link to the set here, unless someone throws a watermelon at me, mid-joke. Which would be worth posting too: Comic survives watermelon assault during set despite being very sticky.

Laughingly yours,


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