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Laughing Coyote on Easter Break

Due to a mishap involving Obamacare, taxes, vodka, some cat fur, some Easter eggs, a blender and PMS, Laughing Coyote is indisposed….watching re-runs of Battlestar Galactica vowing that next resurrection day will be different!

Blog Post 3 entitled: In Defense of Lie-ography–Why Writers Should Lie As Often As Possible will post next weekend.

In the meantime, a tidbit from my new advice column, Existentially Yours, featuring Dr. Crabby Ass from the UWTF.

Dating Advice for Hermits and Shy People: Hire an actor to do your dating for you. That way you can just save yourself for the important parts!

Happy Easter/Spring from
Laughing Coyote Productions

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