Some Signs My Cat May Be Retarded


My cat just dug a hole in the ground and is now sitting in front of it.

Does he think a mouse is just going to wander by and fall in?

Fall and Winter 2015-1-2016 017.JPG




He says “meow” over and over as if it’s the only word he knows.

Fall and Winter 2015-1-2016 022


And there are other signs he may be cognitively challenged.

Once a week, whether the situation calls for it or not, he jumps down behind the washer and then howls because he is stuck.

While behind the washer he just looks up at me with wide yellow eyes that say, “WTF? No I do not know how I got here or what to do about it.”

He refuses to go to Cat’s Anonymous where they teach about “the crazy,” i.e., insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

And then there’s his habit of rolling in the dirt, licking himself and then throwing up.

Did he not learn about cause and effect in Cat School?

It doesn’t help that his adopted brother thinks he’s a pole dancer.



Fall and Winter 2015-1-2016 073Fall and Winter 2015-1-2016 072


Fall and Winter 2015-1-2016 075Fall and Winter 2015-1-2016 076

Obviously there are a lack of role models in this household.

Fall and Winter 2015-1-2016 030.JPG

unnamed (8)

Are your cats suffering from a reduction in reasoning skills?  Does one of your cats show an unnatural interest in kitty porn? Perhaps we should start a support group.

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My cat Onyx  informs me that he can stop licking himself any time he wants. He just doesn’t want to.Fall and Winter 2015-1-2016 055.JPG



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